EPSON WF-4820 Series Scanner and ADF mechanism

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Epson WF 4820 Series Scanner mechanism

  • The scanner mechanism consists of a CIS sensor that scans documents and scanner motor that drives the scanner carriage.
  • In the Epson WF-4820 Series SCN unit, the integrated CIS sensor and scanner motor unit moves the scanner housing, scanning documents.


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Epson WF 4830 Series ADF Mechanism

  • The WF-4820 Series ADF mechanism conveys the scanner motor drive through the transmission gear to the ADF mechanism, rotating the PF roller, EJ roller, and pickup roller.
  • WF-4820 Series do not support automatic double-sided scanning.


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  • The WF-4820 Series detects the status of documents set on the ADF using the ADF document lever and scanner CIS sensor. The CIS sensor reads the status of the tip of the lever that is moved up/down by the paper, thus determining the presence of paper.


  • Additionally, there is a sub document lever to the sides of the ADF document lever. If the sub document lever cannot read the tip using the CIS sensor, this determines that the scanner unit is open, or that the CIS sensor is faulty.
  • The above figure is show how the ADF mechanism work, in both case no paper on ADF and Paper on ADF, you have to configure the ADF document lever and Sub document lever on the right position to let the printer work sequently on their way

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