EPSON WF 4830/4820 Series Printhead and Paper Feed

This chapter describes overview of each mechanism inside the printer

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EPSON WF-4830/4820 Series Printhead


Epson WF-4830/4820 series μTFP2 Head Nozzle Configuration

  • Color: Bk, C, M, Y (four colors)
  • Number of nozzles: 1568 nozzles (Bk: 400 nozzles x 2 columns, Y, M, C: 256 nozzles per color)
  • Nozzle pitch: 300 dpi


EPSON WF-4830/4820 Series APG Mechanism

  • The carriage mechanism of this product consists of the CR Unit, CR encoder sensor, CR scale, CR motor, CR timing belt, and etc. The carriage mechanism is a key mechanism to ensure stable print quality because printing is performed by moving the CR Unit from side to side.


  • As shown above, the CR Unit is placed on the CR guide frame being the upperside of the assy held by the Main frame. The CR Unit is attached to the CR timing belt that is moved by the CR motor so that the assy can move from side to side to print. The position and speed of the CR Unit are always monitored by the CR encoder sensor and CR scale, and the CR motor is controlled in accordance with the information acquired by the CR encoder sensor.
  • The APG mechanism adjusts the distance between the printhead nozzle and the paper (PG: Platen Gap) as suitable, depending on the paper to be printed.
  • The APG mechanism of this product is equipped with an APG cam placed between the CR Unit and CR guide frame, and simply changes PG (note) just by the movements of the APG trigger lever and CR Unit.

A gap between the printhead surface and the paper surface. To ensure print quality, the two surfaces must be parallel,and adequate control over the amount of ink fired from the printhead and the carriage movements is required basedon the PG appropriate to paper type.

EPSON WF-4830/4820 Series Paper Feed Mechanism

  • The WF-4830 Series paper loading/feed mechanism comprises a two-stage cassette. The WF-4820 Series paper loading/feed mechanism is a one-stage cassette.


  • The paper feed mechanism is driven by the PF motor drive force, and paper loading from the two cassettes uses pickup rollers driven through ASF motors (ASF motor/2nd ASF motor) in each of these.


  • As well as other existing products, this product supports the auto duplex printing. The paper loading/feed mechanism of this product has a mechanism to reverse the paper automatically after printing the front side of the paper and to print the reverse side.

EPSON WF-4830/4820 Series Ink System Mechanism


  • The Ink System mechanism*1 comprises a cap, pump unit, waste ink tube, and other parts.
  • The Ink System mechanism employs the direct acting type for capping. The PF motor drives the pump mechanism, capping mechanism, wiper mechanism, carriage lock mechanism, and venting valve mechanism to clean the printhead.

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