EPSON WF-4830 Series Scanner and ADF mechanism

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Epson WF 4830 Series Scanner mechanism

  • The scanner mechanism consists of a CIS sensor that scans documents and scanner motor that drives the scanner carriage. In the WF-4830 Series SCN unit, the CIS sensor moves using a timing belt, scanning documents.
  • Additionally, the CIS sensor in the WF-4830 Series incorporates a digital translation module. This converts read data to a digital signal and sends it to the main board, thus shortening data transfer time.


Epson WF 4830 Series ADF Mechanism

  • The WF-4830 Series ADF mechanism uses a stationary image sensor that scans documents transported by the mechanism. It consists of ADF motor, ADF encoder, ADF PE sensor, ADF document sensor, PF roller, EJ roller, pickup roller and etc.
  • The mechanism is also capable of turning over the documents when finished scanning their one side, and then scanning the other side (automatic doublesided scanning).


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  • To prevent the next document from being fed while the previous document is being reversed inside the ADF, the drive of the pickup assy drive gear is shut off by the planet gear and solenoid so that the pickup assy does not move until the reverse operation is finished.
  • In addition to that, the pickup assy includes a cam and clutch inside it to enable its upward/downward movements and switching of pickup roller rotation according to the rotational direction of the pickup assy drive gear.


  • The drive path from the ADF motor to the pickup assy drive gear is as follows.
  • If the solenoid is energized, then the plunger pushes up the protruding lever. The drive from the ADF motor is conveyed through the spur gear 28.9 to the connected planet gear holder, and the planet gear holder rotates clockwise. As a result, the drive from the planet gear is conveyed to the LD gear, rotating the pickup assy drive gear.


  • If the solenoid is no longer energized, then the plunger will retract, with the lever returning the planet gear holder to its original location, disconnecting the planet gear drive.

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