Printer Service mode

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What is Service mode on printer?

Service support mode is a service dedicated special mode that can be started by a special operation, and allows you to execute functions including adjustment, inspection, and individual operation check functions.

Service Support Mode menu configuration


Options on Maintenance SP Mode:

  1. Printer Inspection Mode:
    • is on Printer mode
    • With the ADF/SCN Unit removed, you can carry out adjustment work.
    • Usage situation:  Repair working
  2. Status Sheet Print Mode:
    • is Service status sheet print
    • In addition to checking confirming normal status sheet information, you can also check information required for servicing
    • Usage situation: Troubleshooting
    • (Contact us if you wanna the table of Service Status)
  3. User Log Get Mode:
    • is User log data get mode
    • When performing analysis, copy the user log data to external storage media such as a USB memory device connected to the main unit.
    • Usage situation: Troubleshooting
  4. CR Lock Check:
    • is CR Lock Check
    • When replacing after return, or completing repairs, you can check if the CR lock is set.
    • Usage situation:
      •  Repair working
      •  Troubleshooting

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Service Support Mode startup and operating procedures

Panel operation on Service Support Mode

  • 1. Press the [SW1] and [Power SW] button until the screen switches, starting the printer.

When pressing the Touch Panel, ensure that an object at least 20 mm (L) × 25 mm (W) × 2 mm (H) in size is used.
(E.g. Press with a finger diagonally)

Printer Touch Panel

  • 2. Operate the Touch Panel, and enter the ID.
    ID to enter: 83331

    • Operating procedure
      1.  Tap the Touch Panel right [RIGHT] until the value you wish to input is displayed.
      2.  Tap the Touch Panel left [LEFT] to check the value. The value will change to “*”, and await entry of the next digit.
      3.  Repeat steps 1 and steps 2 to enter the 5 digit ID.
      4.  When entry is completed, tap the Touch Panel center [CENTER] to confirm.

Service Support Mode operating procedure


  •  It is not possible to return to the previous digit after shifting digits. If you wish to correct the number of the previous digit, proceed with the steps until after the last step and then perform input again.
  •  Please note that the execute button is not enabled until at least two digits have been entered.

Solution if enter and execute the wrong ID

  • – When a different mode starts:
    If you enter the wrong ID and a different mode starts, there is the possibility of changing important settings of the unit, so press the power button to turn off the power immediately and then perform the process again to enter the correct ID number.
  • – When non-existent ID number:
    The following panel LCD display appears and the power is turned off automatically.

The ID use on above is maybe for Epson WF 4830, 4820 Series but the others with the Service Support Mode is the same.
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